Majors Tournaments Expert Golf Picks

Many golf fans only pay attention to the Majors. So, we put a huge amount of extra time into our Majors Tournaments expert golf picks.

Here you will find picks for the 4 Major Championships as they are known: The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship (also known as the British Open), and The PGA Championship.

The 2021 Masters

Everyone loves The Masters. There is just something special about winning an ugly green jacket. It is the "Wimbledon" of golf. We spend weeks preparing our expert golf picks for The Masters as it sets the tone for the rest of the fantasy golf year. Not only is it the start of golf season for some, it also signals a turn of the weather and time to start paying attention to the PGA Tour. Is it easy to make winning picks for The Masters - absolutely not...but our goal is to narrow the field and come up with a group of golfers who have strong potential to not only win, but to make the cut and do well.

Our Masters golf picks are designed to make you money in both fantasy golf and golf betting.

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The 2021 PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is the second major of the year. Admittedly it doesn't get the respect it deserves when compared to the other three golf majors but winning it isn't any less difficult. The top players from around the world still enter and with a win comes an exemption to all the majors and WGC tournaments.

Again, coming up with winning picks for the PGA Championship is not easy - let us do the homework and provide you with expert picks.

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The 2021 US Open

The US Open is the 3rd major of the PGA Tour season, taking place in June and played at various locations across the United States.

Having seen enough from the best golfers on the PGA Tour, our US Open golf picks are rock solid and almost always result in huge wins.

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The 2021 British Open Championship

This is Europe's gem. Played at various locations within the United Kingdom, The Open Championship, also known as The British Open and is still referred to as such by many North American golf fans.

By this time, some PGA golfers are wearing down and it can be a little more difficult to come up with winners. So, let us do the hard work for you! We follow the injuries and inside stories of each PGA golfer which makes our British Open Championship picks the top golf picks you will find.

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It only takes a couple of huge wins when betting on golf or playing fantasy golf to make huge money for the year. The Majors are the place to cash in. But...we don't stop there...we continue to work hard to make picks year round right until the Fedex Cup is awarded and then we start again. So, as you can see, making winning picks for you is our job and we enjoy doing it.


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