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If you are looking for Expert Golf Picks, you have come to the right place. We at are dedicated to getting you the top golf picks for your needs.

Whether it be betting on golf, playing fantasy golf in an office pool or a weekly fantasy golf site or just for friendly wagers with your friends, we have your back.

Our staff has years of experience picking winners for PGA tournaments including all the majors tournaments resulting in a lot of money won for us and our friends. Now we want to share our knowledge with you so you can win cash to with our expert golf picks.

PGA Tournaments Expert Golf Picks

It used to be that the PGA Tour season essentially started with The Masters. Now, even the weekly PGA tournaments throughout the season are a big deal simply because hordes of cash can be made if you have the right picks.

With our PGA Tournaments expert golf picks for each PGA event, you can feel comfortable knowing your bets and contests will include the golfers that are ready to win because we have identified the right situations for you. It is not just about picking a rabbit out of a hat...we spend countless hours each week studying past results, trends, statistics, watching golf on tv and reading about each golfer every day. Call us your friendly watchdog. Why do we do it? Golf is our passion - as is making money!

Majors Tournaments Expert Golf Picks

For most, the Majors are where all the attention lies. This is where the huge money can be had if you can spot a sleeper or longshot pick.

Our Majors Tournaments expert golf picks are designed not only to include golfers who have the best chance to win, but we also throw in some real underdogs that are set up to do well and possibly upset the field. Because everyone tends to pick the favorites for the Majors such as The Masters, longshots pay huge prices when golf betting or can be the key to winning at fantasy golf games.

You can trust that we have your back for all the Majors with winning picks.

Sleepers & Longshots

Finding sleepers and longshots for each PGA tour event is the key to winning fantasy golf contests and pools. Because these underdogs are priced much cheaper than the favorites, having a couple in your fantasy golf lineup will allow you to take some of the more likely winners and more expensive picks at the top of your roster.

With our sleeper picks list for each PGA tournament, you will dominate the competition in your fantasy golf pool or weekly contest.

Check out our list of events where we feature our Sleepers and Longshots.

**NEW** - European Tour Expert Golf Picks

Live around the world and want to play fantasy golf? With the explosion of Fantasy Golf in the USA and now around the globe, most daily fantasy sites with golf have added the European Tour as an option for fantasy contests. Not only can North American players from the USA and Canada play European Tour fantasy games, but now even residents in the UK, Australia and Ireland are eligible!

Visit our European Tour section to see what games are offered and to learn more about fantasy golf in Europe.