Top 2016 Masters Fantasy Golf Contests

The Masters Green JacketThe 2016 Masters tournament will be the 80th edition of golf's most famous tournament.

Fantasy Golf has exploded over the last few years and Masters Fantasy Golf Contests have grown to epic proportions!

Below we have listed which fantasy golf sites are running a 2016 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest and what their signature Contest is. Each of these sites will also have smaller games to play and even some have FREE Fantasy Golf contests for the Masters Tournament so you may want to check them all out and decide which ones you can cash in with.

There are some really great contests for this year's Masters Tournament at Augusta so click them all and see which ones you want to enter

Check out the details of all the 2016 Masters contests below and decide which ones to join. Some of the smaller sites may have overlays in them so you may want to join the site and take advantage of the possible overlays that may occur.

Big Fantasy Golf Contest and a FREE Contest Too!

DraftKings Millionaire Maker Details

Easily the biggest fantasy golf contest for the 2016 Masters, this Fantasy Golf offers players a chance to win a 1st place prize large enough for you to quit your day job for just a $20. You can make multiple entries and dropping $100 on 5 teams can be a great investment if you have some fantasy golf skills. If you are going to play in just one 2016 Masters Fantasy Golf contest...May as well be the BIGGEST One!

Update - There are now details on a FREE Fantasy Golf Contest for the 2016 Masters as well

Free Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

Fantasy Aces 2016 Masters Green Jacket Golf Contest

FantasyAces Masters Contest Details

Maybe not as big as the contests above but still some serious money can be won for fantasy golf for the 2016 Masters Tournament. The Fantasy Aces Green Jacket Contest has a grand prize of $20,000 and only 410 player spots are available. The entry fee is $55 which is steeper than the ones listed above but you have less competition to play against for a pretty solid prize. Check back here for details on 2016 Masters Golf Contest

Fantasy Feud 2016 Masters Fantasy Golf Contest

FantasyFeud Golf Contest is having a $5000 Masters Golf Contest. If you want to play in smaller ones they also will have Pick'em Contests and Snake Draft games in addition to their Salary Cap Contests.

If you need help with making picks for your fantasy golf lineups then get Expert Golf Picks for the Masters from the guys at If you know anyone that is making money playing fantasy golf, then you'll know that they are using GolfBanker to help set their Masters Fantasy Golf lineups.

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